Our Story

One evening before mercury retrograde, some space was cleared at the sacred space, the crystal grid cloth unfolded, and incense lit to cleanse the black tourmaline, clear quartz, shungite and onxy. With three weeks of mercury retrograde coming up, the grid was activated to protect the home from negative energies. At that moment, a thought occurred. If only the grid can be permanently displayed! Why pack it away at the end of mercury retrograde when the grounding and protective energy is needed all the time? And so, Geometricas Crystal was born.

Every crystal grid is carefully handcrafted and expertly framed, using crystals that are intuitively chosen to highlight the beauty of the stones and the balance of the grid. All stones are cleansed with incense smoke prior to their addition in the grid and completed with mindful positivity, ready to be activated.

Geometricas Crystal grids are made with longevity and convenience in mind, to be proudly displayed in the hallway welcoming visitors, beside the bed for positive energy & healing, on the study table to help with clarity, or a centre piece on your coffee table as a reminder to focus on what’s important.