Crystal Grid Types

Shapes have long been a source of fascination since ancient times. Even today, we gravitate towards certain patterns that resonates with our energies. Both mathematicians and religious scholars have pondered the divine meanings of shapes that can be used to describe nature in its simplest forms.  The term “sacred geometry” refers to the shapes that best describes the universal design of life.

Seed of Life/ Seed of Life with Grid Lines

The Seed of Life grid is one of the most versatile patterns for crystal grids. It is formed by 7 overlapping circles, and its beauty lies in simplicity. Potent for balance, cleansing and healing, Seed of Life symbolizes a new beginning. Grid lines can help to enhance the energetic flow around the grid. The Seed of Life is the precursor to the Flower of Life grid.

Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid Flower of Life

Flower of Life

The Flower of Life grid is a more advance grid and an extension of the Seed of Life. Many other geometrical patterns can be found within this grid, and its beautiful patterns evoke a sense of personal growth and self-belief. Therefore, this grid is excellent as a manifestation grid. It is also ideal for chakra work and meditative focus.

Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid Metatron's Cube with Platonic Solids

Metatron’s Cube

Named after the archangel Metatron, this grid is instantly recognizable with its distinctive layout. Inner and outer rings containing six circles each are arranged around the central circle, and grid lines connect all circles together, making this grid a potent energy magnifier. The Platonic Solids, representing the 3D building geometry of life, helps bring universal energy into the grid. It is best used for spiritual growth, finding direction, and promoting connection to one’s higher self.

Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid Infinite Hexagram

Infinite Hexagram

Three hexagrams, expanding and contracting while interconnected, brings about a sense of balance and transformation. The straight grid lines provide support and structure. When used in a time of chaos and uncertainty, this grid helps to restore energetic order while providing a natural way for growth and change.

Triple Spiral Triskelion Crystal Grid design 

Triskelion/Triple Spiral

Seen in many European antiquity, the Triskelion is formed by three interlocking spiral, creating a dynamic but harmonizing flow of energy around the grid. Each spiral feed into the other two, as the energy passes through the middle point before continuing. The Triskelion is excellent for times of transition and change, a reminder that energy movement is not frantic but focused and purposeful.

Sunburst Crystal Grid Template


A grid that radiates energy, Sunburst can be used to cleanse stagnant aura in the area or to form a protective energy shield. Its highly revitalizing nature also works well for energizing sluggish chakras using their respective crystals. It is an ideal grid for sending energies across long distances, making it useful for distant reiki.

Merkaba Light Crystal Grid template


Formed by an upward-pointing triangle and a downward-pointing triangle, the Merkaba is a grid that connects the universal energy with grounding energy, making it ideal for spiritual growth and balance. As an effective energy shield, the Merkaba can assist with meditation and chakra balance. This multipurpose grid is versatile and can be used for all sorts of crystals.

The information serves only as a guide, and we recommend going with your intuition when selecting your grid pattern of choice.



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